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About Us

There are stores and there are stores! CASSAMI online store is the store amongst stores. It is a spec.  Regardless of whatever your notion is or has been about shopping virtually, you have got to try out this store because it's better experienced than heard. CASSAMI online store gives you the privilege of selling on their platform if yours is not just to buy. But you are at liberty to do both and even render services as well. If you are a service provider, a vendor of whatever product, CASSAMI is a worthy market waiting to embrace you. The process of becoming a seller on our platform designed to reach millions of prospective buyers looking for your product or service is pretty simple. Just sign up!

We equally offer high standard products and services at affordable prices that we are confident you won't get anywhere else. At CASSAMI, our products ranges from anything you can think of, be it adult or babies and kids fashion, foods, animals and pets, electronics, home appliances, office furniture etc. Once you are here we guarantee you a filled day surfing through our endless categories sectioned with ease to give you that stress-free online shopping experience.